Qubo<sup>3</sup><br>Balance Your Life
Balance Your Life
Qubo<br>First for balance
First for balance
eQui Ball<br>For all ages
eQui Ball
For all ages
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Sit still in lotos

Philosophy Balance Your Life


veryone should be in decent physical shape and training process should not only be effective, but intense and interesting!

Do you intend to exercise at home or are you planning to create a world of serenity and productivity in the health club or studio? A unique line of Qubo3 balancing products will suit you in both ways.
In our life vanity, stresses sometimes take too much space, so Qubo3 company, in an effort to take care of each person’s welfare, created balancing training equipment that will calm, raise your vitality, develop your body and improve your general well-being.

Based on centuries-old traditions of Eastern philosophy, Qubo3 developers formulated requirements for products based on the key aspirations of Body and Soul. And modern modeling techniques and production technologies allowed to turn the ideal prototype into reality and literally create a dream product for those people who seek harmony.

Our company assumes that a person is created for happiness and harmony, and our products are designed to help a person achieve them in a most comfortable and natural way.


In the unique products by Qubo3, every detail is meaningful — from the idea up to the print, from the texture of materials to the adjusted size. It is essential that the main ideology and concept of the product was developed by practicing sports doctors, fitness instructors and athletes from all over the world. The idea was to develop brand new training equipment, which could allow revealing the possibilities of the body, gain new experience and strengthen muscles without overloading the joints.

Besides, a group of technologists from many countries was involved in development of technical component for the future product. As a result, an environmentally friendly material PlastiQ® was developed. This material has a number of unique characteristics: being a hypoallergenic, it is completely safe and harmless even for the most delicate skin. At the same time PlastiQ® possesses a great strength, enabling it to withstand the load of more than 600 kg.


The whole line of Qubo3 balancing equipment is produced according to company's own elaborations, based on in-depth researches of human body and theory of training, scientific approach, high-tech production techniques, indifferent attitude to life, harmony and contentment of every person.

6 facts

  1. 1. Design

    Stunning design of Qubo3 balancing equipment was elaborated by the most talented European designers.

  2. 2. Effectiveness

    Qubo3 balance equipment would allow revealing the possibilities of the body, gain new experience and strengthen muscles without overloading the joints.

  3. 3. Balance

    First group classes with Qubo3 inevitably cause a lot of emotions. It only seems simple to stand on unstable surface of the Qubo3 balancing equipment. Just try it!

  4. 4. Environmental compatibility

    All Qubo3 products are manufactured of nature friendly materials. Besides, the material is completely harmless, even for the most delicate skin and has an antibacterial surface.

  5. 5. Universality

    Functionality of the equipment implies that it can be used both by trained athletes and beginners in any ages. Qubo3 equipment looks unusual.

  6. 6. Training programs

    Qubo3 in cooperation with the most talented experts have developed special training programs exclusively and only for you.


Qubo3 Team

The establishment of the National Qubo3 Team was dictated by the desire of the developers to bring to the people’s lives not only unique sports products. In fact, it was necessary to fill the product with life. Thus, the company Qubo3 developed a special training program on balance and functional. The main task of Qubo3 National Team is to spread the Philosophy of the company and help people reach a descent physical condition.

Alessandro Oliveri

Qubo3 Brand ambassador, master trainer

Unique training formats were developed by Alessandro Oliveri especially for Qubo.(international presenter, practicing instructor: fitness instructor certificate ENDAS-CONI, fitness instructor certificate AFAA, fitness instructor certificate REEBOK, best Italian fitness presenter, etc.)
Progressing training program #OliveRivolution is focused on balance and functional. It consists of 8 sequences with 8-12 exercises in each one. It is aimed on the development of strength, muscular endurance, agility, flexibility and balance.
Training can have the character of group classes, mini classes and personal training.

Alessandro Oliveri

Ivan Kozlov

Qubo3 Master-Trainer

Presenter in Russian and international conventions. Manager of group training department «FIT-ELIT». Personal trainer.
Certificated trainer of PORDEBRAS,one of the members of team of PORDEBRAS® INTERNATIONAL PRESENTER. 

Ivan Kozlov

David Klimov

Qubo3 Master-Trainer

Succesfully gradueted national University of educational programs in Riazan, specialized in physical education and sport. Certificated trainer in Cycle, TRX, Pump, Step, Low, Pilates, functional training. Candidate masters of sport in swimming and karate. 
Presenter of Russian conventions such as World Class, Intersport, MIOFF. 
Participant and prizewinner of the competition, called IFO. 
Master teacher of CYCLE (AALO Netherlands)

David Klimov

Svetlana Kurkina

Qubo3 Master-Trainer

Fitness instructor of group training. Certificated trainer in anti-gravity yoga, PortDeBras. Candidate masters of sport in free callisthenics.

Svetlana Kurkina


Qubo3 Methodist

Mrs. Ksenija Horvat has twenty four years of experience in sports as personal and group trainer of various fitness programmes, in designing, organizing and promoting fitness and healthy lifestyle. She is a member of Fitness Association of Serbia. She has lecturing experience in methodology at Faculty for Tourism and Sports Management (TIMS). Mrs. She has extensive experience in coreographing different styles of dance lessons. Since 2009, Mrs. Horvat has owned and managed her own fitness center (XENIA FITNESS) as well as designed and organized Body Health Concept training programmes. 

  • It is not necessarily to achieve harmony by yourself, you can ask Qubo3 for help
  • When your body is busy balancing, everything clicks into place in your head. Thanks to Qubo3
  • The Earth does not have a perfect shape. It has the best form for living. The same is true with Qubo3 equipment — it has the best form for the effective fitness

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